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  • Product features: Removable, waterproof, mildew proof, Environmentally friendly, glow.
  • Applicable occasions: can be pasted on any smooth, flat, dry and clean surface (living room, furniture, TV wall, bathroom, bedroom, classroom, library, entrance hallway, closet door, glass, window, mirror, ceiling, etc.)
  • Luminous stickers can also be used to decorate birthday parties, weddings, carnivals, clubs and other places.
  • Use strong light such as sunlight or a flashlight to directly illuminate the sticker for more than 15 minutes, and the wall sticker will flicker for 4-6 hours in the dark.
  • Under normal circumstances, wall decoration can absorb enough natural light during the day and then shine at night.
  • The luminous wall stickers allow you to place in a realistic dream world, adding a dreamy and romantic atmosphere to your room, allowing you to fall asleep easily.


  • Theme: cartoon
  • Material: PVC